The Ark7 Berkeley Property Promotion

Berkeley Property Promotion

As a special promotion for our three Berkeley properties, M1, M2, and M3, Ark7 will bear the market downside risks for the investors in the first two years. If the housing market declines within one to two years, Ark7 can repurchase the equity of the house at 100% of the user’s original purchase price, and bear the principal risk for the user.

During this promotion period, Ark7 investors who wish to exit after having held a Berkeley property’s shares for a one-year holding period and prior to their two-year holding period can sell the shares back to Ark7 for 100% of their initial value. Alternatively, they can sell the shares to others for a higher price.

As part of the Berkeley Property Promotion, if the annualized rental income does not reach 6% within two years, Ark7 will compensate investors for the remaining percentage.


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