Invest and Earn Rewards with our A1 User Promotion

Ark7 seeks to make investing in real estate easy so you can manage your portfolio and earn passive income, so we created the A1 User Promotion for people who are committed to investing with us.

As part of our A1 User Promotion, if an Ark7 user invests $25,000 or more in accumulated value on Ark7 properties, they become an A1 User and receive special rewards and privileges. A1 Users can even earn more rewards when they reach our higher levels of investment.


Invest and Receive Bonuses

Once an A1 User invests $25,000, they reach the first level of our A1 User Promotion and earn their choice of $100 of either Ark7 Credit or Amazon or Apple gift cards.

Ark7 Credit is sent to your user account on Ark7 and is used exclusively with the Ark7 platform to purchase property shares of your choice. Gift cards are sent electronically to your registered email. Once Ark7 has confirmed your A1 User status and you have selected your reward, our team will send your reward to your account or email.

A1 Users also earn even more rewards at different levels of investment. At the second level of the A1 User Promotion, an A1 User who invests $50,000 or more receives $225 in Ark7 Credit or gift cards. At the third level, an A1 User who invests $100,000 or more receives $580 in Ark7 Credit or gift cards.




Qualify for Preemptive Rights

For A1 Users, Ark7 has constructed a special process to make it even more convenient to buy real estate shares. Our A1 User Promotion also grants privileges for A1 Users by qualifying them to preemptive rights. At Ark7, this means that once we acquire a new property, A1 Users can choose to pre-order reserved shares of that property before it is made available to the public on the Ark7 platform. For example, when we made our Austin-S1 shares available, they were sold out in seven minutes. However, an A1 User granted preemptive rights would be able to avoid the hassle of rushing to buy shares by pre-ordering any number of reserved shares of a property.




Refer Friends to Earn Rewards Together

Additionally, Ark7’s A1 Refer-A-Friend Promotion allows users to refer people to the Ark7 platform with a personalized link from the “Referral Tab” of their user account. 


An example of the A1 Referral Tab Page
 Refer friends using the Referral Tab in the Account section


Become an A1 User today to earn special Ark7 rewards and privileges! If you have any questions email us at


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