What is Ark7?



Have you ever dreamed of making money through property investment, but found the process tricky and overwhelming? What if I told you that you could take the complications and intensity out of real estate investment to leave you with only the benefits?

The days of gatekeeping real estate investment are over. Say goodbye to the maze of properties, ownership, and renting platforms, and say hello to our team here at Ark7.

Ark7 is an innovative and transparent way to get your foot in the door of real estate investment. With Ark7, you can lower the investment risks by building a more extensively diversified investment portfolio, save time and effort in property management, enjoy monthly rental income and invest remotely and directly with no transactional fees. 


So, how did Ark7 come to be? It all started when our founder Andy endeavored to begin purchasing and investing in real estate, but stumbled upon many of the same issues you may be facing now. The worries of keeping track of tenants and properties seemed burdensome, and Andy thought there must be a better way.

Andy rolled up his sleeves and dug deep into the standard pathways for property investment such as REITs, or real estate investment trust, and crowdfunding platforms. What he found were a lot of inefficiencies. For one thing, you and other investors would have to deal with delineating money to financial advisors, sales, asset managers, and property managers dwindling your overall profit. Not to mention that if you invested through REITs, you would have to relinquish a huge amount of control over which properties you invest in. Why blindly hand over money when you can have full control over where your capital goes? Andy thought the same thing and questioned the status-quo to formulate the idea behind Ark7, “making real estate investment as easy as a stock investment.”

Serendipitously, Andy teamed up with Ark7’s other co-founders including Jim Holt, a real estate expert with more than 15 years in the game. Together, they designed the platform with user-experience in mind with a website tailored to help keep tabs on your properties as well as learn more about future investments. Not only do we have your comfort in mind, but we ensure your property tenants are assured and can make payments quickly and securely through our Ark7 Renters App. Transparency is highly valued at Ark7, so our website clearly displays each location with surrounding points of interest, estimated total returns, legal documents, market appreciation predictions and more. 

Just like our namesake, Ark7 is bridging the gap between possible investors and high-quality properties. All you need is the passion and the funds and we shine the light on the complicated legalities and property ownership complications. With the minimum investment amount starting as low as about 5 dollars, we are able to democratize the investment field and allow beginners to gain experience in the housing market. Investing doesn’t have to be so daunting, let Ark7 make it easy. 

We go above and beyond to help you see us as a trusted partner that works both with and for you. We carefully vet and cherry pick each property before purchasing it. After purchasing, we are then able to offer you, the investor, shares. We make sure that we own 1-10 percent of the property shares offered so that we can align our interests with investors like you and make the right property management decision for you. Ark7 and our investors are on the same page, and we are extremely proud of that.

A solid foundation predicts a bright future. From an initial seed investment of $2 million dollars in July of 2019, Ark7 grew to a user investment of $1 million in just two months. Our first property, located in Berkeley, California was bought in 2019. Then, in the first two months of 2021, we purchased our Austin, Texas properties. So, take a look at our properties in Austin and Berkeley on the Ark7 website marketplace after completing a quicksign-up process. You can look forward to more options in the future, as our Ark7 team is actively searching for more lucrative markets and promising properties to add to the marketplace. 

We want you to feel as comfortable as possible and encourage you to build up your investment portfolio. If you have any questions or even an inkling of doubt, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team!

We here at Ark7 are working for your benefit and convenience, so don’t pass up on the opportunity to experience the opportunities of efficient real estate investing. Make an account today to start browsing our property listings and begin your investment journey!

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