Young people in 2021 are finding new ways to invest

titleThe access to technology and spare time due to the pandemic is giving young adults the opportunity to invest. According to the LA Business Journal, young people are trending to invest more and are relying on fintech companies to do so. Their interest is seen on social media and has even found its way into memes!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, young adults began working from home and had the time to analyze and alter their finances. Money Under 30 conducted a study of millennials and young Americans aged 18 to 39 to track their spending habits and financial thought processes. Surprisingly, they found that 65% of millennials said their finances benefited from the pandemic. 70% of people under 30 said they researched investing. How did they benefit from a pandemic? They used the extra time to think outside of the box and look deeply into innovative tools and new assets. 

Young adults understand that investing works best over time and are making the most of their age to put stakes into assets early on.

Innovative Tools to Invest 

Now more than ever, the world is looking for new ways to invest. More and more often, investors are seeing new startups endeavoring to change the investment landscape. One startup called Pacaso allows for users to invest in and co-own vacation homes in exchange for an allotted time to vacation there. Robinhood is the most well-known version of innovative investing. It’s a platform worth $11.7 M and allows for users to easily invest, keep track of their stocks and watch the market. The median age of a Robinhood user is 31, which falls in line with the trend of younger investors trending toward new, user-friendly designed financial technologies. 


Ark7 emerged in 2019 with an initial seed investment of $2 M. We give users the ability to buy fractional shares in homes located in the hottest housing markets. As of now, we offer different styles of residences such as condos and multi-family homes. The best part? Young people do not have to wait long to invest, as the shares start from as low as $5.4. 

One thing Mark Fergusen, a writer who began investing in his 30s, regrets is not investing in real estate sooner. In his article, he wrote, “When you are young you have more flexibility in life, fewer commitments, and can take more risk.” – Mark Fergusen, writer and investor

Way More Than Just Stocks

Younger generations are more open to novel ideas. They are more trusting of new systems and want to explore more often. This can be seen with Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin that amassed popularity due to their promise of wealth without the burden of heavy work. For example, 5% of millennials say they think bitcoin is the best way to invest for the future compared to 1.2% of the Gen X population. Many people disagree with this statement, however the sentiment of optimism toward new financial technology is promising for the future.

The definition of investing has expanded over the last decades. The markets are constantly changing and the meaning of value has changed significantly. Instead of just the stock market, there are now markets from everything from designer bags to wine. Developers took note of this and created new platforms to help manage these new assets. Vinovest shows how wine has had a higher return rate than the S&P stock market since 2000. In 2020, Forbes declared designer bags a better investment than art. 

One thing that seems to never lose its value is housing. We all need a place to live and call home. There will always be a need for housing, which secures the demand. The supply of housing is what makes the market so intriguing, as there are only so many homes and spaces to build. Time is of the essence when it comes to real estate investing, and young people are understanding this and finding their own unique ways to begin their real estate journey. 

Ark7 is a platform that allows young investors to get started in investing in the real estate market with shares as low as $5.4. We democratize the real estate market to provide young investors with the opportunity to invest in real estate and earn passive income. 

Explore the hottest new investing options like Ark7 by signing up today! 

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